Laura Freeland - Research Assistant, and heart of the lab and research projects

I am a part-time research assistant working at the foundations of cognition and learning. I manage the hatchery and undertake research into early life cognition using domestic chicks. I have an undergraduate degree in zoology and Master's in wild animal biology, and am interested in animal health, welfare, behaviour and cognition. I am currently undertaking my doctoral studies at the Royal Veterinary College.

My main research is investigating whether cross-modal processing of information is a learned or predisposed. For example, are we born with the ability to recognise that an object we touch and see is the same object? To answer this i am hatching new born chicks (Gallus gallus) in a controlled environment and undertaking behavioural experiments to understand if they can recognise objects from one sensory modality to another with no previous experience.


Personal Social Accounts:

Twitter: @Lauravfreeland