From left to right: Chick 1, Shu(ge) Wang, Laura Freeland, Elisabetta Versace, Diane Abdhalla, Michael Emmerson, Vera Vasas, Chick 32 tactile experiment, Robyn Roach, Larry Bliss, (Ma)Tilda Gibbons, Maria Loconsole, Chick 17 gravity experiment (2021). Drawing by Laura Freeland.

Current lab members 

Elisabetta Versace - Group leader
Michael Emmerson - Post-doctoral researcher
Laura Freeland - Research assistant

Zhengqi Chen - PhD student

Antonella Torr - PhD Student

Rosie Davis - PhD Student

Anita Ong Lay Mun - Visiting Student Researcher

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Main collaborations at Queen Mary University of London

Prof Morrissey, 

Dr Lorenzo Jamone, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)