Jieying Huang  - PhD student and genie of experimental settings

I have an academic background in the field of Human-Computer Interaction, holding a master's degree from the University of Nottingham, complemented by a bachelor's degree in Applied Psychology. My educational journey has led me to a profound interest in the convergence of technology and mental well-being.


Currently, I'm pursuing my PhD in psychology. My project is centred around developing and assessing a smartphone application named ‘Positive Balance’, which provides positive psychology interventions (PPI) to adolescents. My primary objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions delivered via both in-person and digital, and the target audience is vocational dance students facing various stressors. The ultimate goal is to generate needed empirical evidence to assess, validate, and refine digital interventions related to positive psychology and mental health; and to create an app that enables adolescents to enhance their well-being through PPI.



Email: jieying.huang@qmul.ac.uk


Personal Social Accounts:

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jieying-huang-439094183