Lab Alumni

Shuge Wang 

Shu was a PhD student with the lab who's interests lie in fast learning and spontaneous generalisation in early life, using newly-hatched domestic chicks as an animal model. She has now gone on to be a full-time software developer.

Tilda Gibbons 

Tilda's PhD aimed to investigate how, and whether, insects feel pain, using neurobiological and behavioural techniques. Tilda has now gone on to undertake a post-doc at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Maria Loconsole

Maria was a Teaching Fellow at Queen Mary University of London who's main research field is comparative cognition with a particular focus on avian models (chickens and some corvids). She is particularly interested in the study of early capabilities and predispositions, and how animals (included humans!) could spontaneously use some perceptual and cognitive strategies to better understand the world. Maria has now gone to Italy to undertake a post-doc.

Robyn Roach - Research project student

Larry Bliss - PhD student

Silvia Damini - MSc student, now PhD student at University of Vienna
Lucrezia Lonardo - MSc student, now PhD student at VetmedUni Vienna
Kiera Rose - MSc student
Zuzanna Slonina - PhD student
Diane Abdallah - Lecturer at University of Kent