Maria Loconsole - Associate researcher and expert in most difficult pet rescue cases

I am a Teaching Fellow at Queen Mary University of London. I have a Master degree in Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology and I am a Ph.D. candidate in Psychological Sciences at the University of Padua (IT).

My main research field is comparative cognition with a particular focus on avian models (chickens and some corvids). I am particularly interested in the study of early capabilities and predispositions, and how animals (included humans!) could spontaneously use some perceptual and cognitive strategies to better understand the world.

Even though I mainly focus on poultry species (above all, baby chicks), my deep passion for animal cognition led me to meet and work with many different animals. In particular, I had the great chance to work with domestic cats and dogs, garden ants, crows, and jays. With a strong comparative approach in mind, I also enjoyed the great opportunity of running some comparative experiments between baby chicks and human infants.

If any of these studies tackled your curiosity, here you can find my publications:

Recent updates on current research on my personal twitter account: @maria_loconsol